Gaganbawda is a beautiful, misty blue and green hill station.
The nature lovers enjoy and explore its hidden treasure .

Jotiba Temple -
Ancient Temple 1.5 km
away from the farm.

Andur Dam (3KM) -
Minor Dam with
scenic back waters.

Ramling Caves (9KM) -
(A Photographers Paradise)
which consists of monolithic temples
that are said to be made by pandavas.

Kumbhi Dam (12KM)-
Medium Dam project of 3DMC with
a beautiful view and great
ambience in the evening .

Vesaraf Dam (8KM)-
A minor Dam with good
scenic area.

Morjai Pathar (15KM)-
A highland plateau with a temple
for warrior goddess Morjai Devi in
a underground cave .

Fort Gagangiri (16KM)-
Residing the Asharam of
saint gagangiri maharaj. Ancient
fort of chatrapati shivaji maharaj.

Ganganbawda Fort (20KM) -
Allows you the most gorgeous
views of karul and bhuiwada ghats,
are a must visit.

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